TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki are everything a woman desires, demands, and deserves!

TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki


TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki


TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki


TressAllure wigs
by Noriko Suzuki

Exclusive designer for TressAllure wigs

With her whole adult life devoted to the ready-to-wear hair industry, Noriko Suzuki works with an artist’s passion and a scientist’s precision- a rare combination. Her work embodies the epitome of artisanship.

Always standing at the crossroad of art and science, craftsmanship and innovation, Noriko Suzuki relentlessly pursues excellence and never settles. Now one of the most renowned and recognized designers worldwide in the industry, she turns a new chapter in her professional career.

Noriko Suzuki is proud to be the exclusive wig designer for TressAllure [not affiliated with Aderans] and is eager to create, innovate, and inspire.


TressAllure wigs are custom designed for unparalleled comfort and a secure fit.

TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki* proudly presents our ready–to–wear fashion line of wigs designed exclusively by one of the world’s most renowned wig designers, Ms. Noriko Suzuki.

With passionate attention to detail, the TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki collection boasts six new, innovative wig and base designs perfect for women who are either experiencing hair loss, or for the woman just looking for a fashionable new style.

TressAllure’s beautiful array of luminous colors offer women naturally gorgeous shade variations. The designs are meticulously crafted with advanced materials and fibers that perfectly mimic radiant, natural looking hair. They are custom designed for unparalleled comfort and a secure fit. Styles are evolving fast and the TressAllure wigs by Noriko Suzuki collection provides a new assortment of glamour by creating looks that are stunning and natural meeting that demand.

*Not affiliated with Aderans.

The Collection

At TressAllure, we stay committed to maintaining the standard of excellence we have always set in the wig marketplace. TressAllure is a brand of Hair Visions International, a recognized leader in the hair replacement industry. We continue to provide quality products and white glove customer service ensuring a positive experience for our valued customers.

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TressAllure Fashion Wigs by Noriko Suzuki
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