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New TressDimensional® Colors

Announcing TEN NEW TressDimensional® Colors from TressAllure

How to Choose a Wig Cap

Do you know what makes a difference between strangers being able to tell you’re wearing a wig and your closest friends never even suspecting that you’re wearing one? The way your wig cap is constructed.

Seasonal Looks for 2021

Colors and emotions are closely related. Have you noticed how cool and bright colors can create different feelings than warm colors? This is especially true for hair color.

Six Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

Thanks to TressAllure’s large inventory of wigs and extensions, changing your whole look and building your confidence is a breeze. Keep reading to discover six ways you can find your next look!

The Top 10 Fall/Winter Hair Trends of 2020

The glory of fall, or autumn, is finally among us, and something else is changing right along with the season – hair trends.

Four Reasons Why TressAllure® Should Be Your Ready-To-Wear Wig One Stop Shop

Hair care, with its undeniable importance and social impact, has taken the world by storm. Blossoming into an industry generating billions of dollars globally, revenues of more than $10 billion are estimated to be generated by 2023, states PRNewswire.com.