• Tatiana Miller

    Instagram: @my.wig.collection
    This a piece that is very underestimated. This is Ashlyn from @tressallurewigs in shade #chiffoncandy. She was my first piece without a front lace. But her bangs and layers are so beautiful that you really don’t need a lace front.
    I got to say that I did receive a lot of attention wearing her.
    She has a lot of hair but it still fits great and is very feminine.


    tressallure wig reviews

  • Andrea Addington

    Instagram: thefauxblond
    I am so grateful to Tressallure wigs. I was very shy about wearing wigs until I bought Camille my first Tressallure. I felt so confident and beautiful in this natural wig. My self-confidence soared and my feelings of fear disappeared. Tressallure wigs are very natural, have a light realistic density and the shade selection is gorgeous. Thank you ❤️

    WIG: Camille and Feathered Bob

  • Jennifer Martinez

    Instagram: @posh_prof
    What’s going on here?! Never in a million years did I think I could wear a color this light, but I really like it!!!
    What do you think?
    This is @tressallurewigs Smooth Shoulder Shag in 825 and I purchased it from @name_brand_wigs (super fast shipping btw!)
    FYI, this is a low-density, very realistic wig, and the fibers are NICE! I love it!


  • Sissy Williams

    Instagram: @sissyw1211
    Thank u TressAllure Ready To Wear Wigs. I love my California Beach Waves wig in 14/26/R10. Gorgeous color, comfortable cap, and such a unique style. She feels as light as a feather. I really love her; I ordered her in 2 other colors.

    WIG: California Beach Waves

  • Stanni

    Instagram: @Stannilicious
    I was recommended by Rio Summers (my model mama) she had a beautiful wig on and I wanted to expierence the joy she had

    WIG: I don’t have one yet

  • Gina Rossi

    Instagram: queengigi67
    I have Several wigs. Avery and Alexa are my favorites. I love the fit the fibers the colors. Easy fun styles.

    WIG: Mia, Alexa and Avery

  • Cathryn Grayson

    Instagram: cate_24
    I have been going through treatments for Lupus Cerebritis. In July, after one of my infusions, I contracted COVID. I had it for almost 50 days, was in ICU, and when I came home had to have an oxygen machine and a walker. My hair then started falling out in handfuls and my husband had to shave it off. My nickname has always been Miss Texas, because of my long, big blonde hair so it was an adjustment even though I really didn’t care too much because I was alive! The first wig I bought was the TressAllure Avery which I loved. I just purchased the Mid-length beach wave from Taz’s wig closet (she sells wigs she uses for demos at a discount price). My husband was out of work for 8 mos due to COVID, so I’ve had to look for the best deals I could find. I absolutely love this wig and am so excited it’s a hand tied lace front! I really love your wigs!

    WIG: Beach wave

  • Tammy Sauceda

    Instagram: Tammy_sauceda
    I own 2 Sienna wigs. Midnight Coffee and Sheer Plum. I love the sassy wild cut on Sienna.

    WIG: Sienna

  • Norma Dolan

    Instagram: @normabdolan
    Ashlyn in the color Cherrywood is the longest hair I own she makes me feel Beautiful and happy .Ready for anything.

    WIG: Ashlyn

  • Norma Dolan

    Instagram: @normabdolan
    I’m in love with this Razor Cut Shag its spunky and makes me feel like a Rock Star !

    WIG: Razor Cut Shag

  • Norma Dolan

    Instagram: @normandolan
    It is my longest wig yet. I love to wear it when it’s cold out side. It was designed by MS Norika Suzuki in the color Cherrywood HL Ashlyn is sure to please me every time I put her on.

    WIG: Ashlyn in Cherrywood hl

  • Wendy Crites

    Instagram: Liveyourlove903
    I LOVE this wig!! (Razor Cut Shag in 8R). I worked 11 hours OUTDOORS in it today and she’s still looking PHENOMENAL and going strong!! ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t say the same about me – I’m tired!

    WIG: Razor Cut Shag

  • Melody Wenham

    Instagram: Standardpoodlesrock
    I bought the Charlotte, my first Tressallure wig. I’ve been wearing alternative hair for 3 years due to alopecia. When I put her on, I was in absolute awe of how natural she felt. The fibers moved so naturally and for being a basic cap construction, she’s so light! In my 3 years of wearing wigs, I consistently reach for her. I’ve got the gorgeous color Dark Amber HL.

    WIG: Charlotte

  • Laura Wieck

    Instagram: lucksterlw
    Love the wig so comfortable.

    WIG: Tapered Curls

  • Toni Gehman

    Instagram: Toni Gehman
    I love Charlotte by TressAllure! I was sure I would not like a wig without a lace front but I love this one! I feel so much like myself wearing her, it was a long time since I had “real” hair following chemo in 2015 and now continuous treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. Many times now people will tell me how good and healthy I look when I wear her!

    WIG: Angled Bob

  • Samantha McGovern

    Instagram: Curls.Twirlz
    I love TressAllure. TressAllure makes two of my favorite wigs-so far. Mia is such a fun wig. She has so many colors and lots of dimension. I wear her when I want a natural, soft look that’s also edgy. I get tons of compliments.

    WIG: Mia

  • Samantha McGovern

    Instagram: Daniellesanders516
    I love TressAllure. TressAllure makes two of my favorite wigs – so far. I wear the Mid Length Beach wave for when I want to feel like it’s my own hair. The hand-tied cap is so comfortable. The fibers are incredibly realistic and soft.

    WIG: Mid Length Beach Wave

  • Amanda Sanders

    Instagram: Daniellesanders516
    I love my Alexa. It’s sassy and stylish and so comfortable to wear. Going through breast cancer treatments I lost my hair to chemo and started wearing wigs. These beautiful wigs have given me back my confidence.

    WIG: Alexa in Cherrywood HL

  • Andrea

    Instagram: @thefauxblond
    I absolutely love Tressallure wigs. They are so natural, comfortable and gorgeous fibers. I feel beautiful when I’m wearing a Tressallure ❤️

    WIG: Feathered Bob

  • Annelie Heldoorn

    Instagram: midlifecrisis50pluss
    I have the Tressallure Camille wig and I love the natural movement of this style, she has a very realistic density for a long wig and her fibres feel amazing. I feel very confident wearing Camille, she’s beautiful.

    WIG: Camille