We suggest you try on your wig to be certain the color you selected is right for you.

All of our TressAllure® wigs are constructed with our Cool Comfort stretch cap. To put on your wig, slip on your head and tuck your own hair into the cap. If necessary, you may wish to braid your hair and pin it up away from front, sides and nape of your head. The included cap liner will help to keep the wig in place. For a customized comfort fit use the adjustable tabs at the back of your wig. Tuck in any stray hairs. Style as desired.

Your wig should be positioned at the hairline. Position the flexible ear tabs at each side of the wig for a comfortable and secure spot on your head. If desired, you can further secure your wig with two bobby pins on each side of the wig. If you’ve selected a lace front wig, you may wish to trim the lace with any scissor. NOTE: PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT THE HAIR


The proper care of your Effortless™ blended synthetic fiber wig and hairpiece will keep it looking like new. Most women find it best to have a second wig to use while allowing the proper time for cleaning and drying your first wig.


Step 1: In a sink or basin, mix a cap full of any mild shampoo or one specially formulated for synthetic wigs in lukewarm water and immerse your Look Fabulous TressAllure wig. Let soak for a few minutes. Agitate gently and rinse in cool water until all shampoo is removed. (Human hair wigs require a sulfate-free shampoo.)

Step 2: Allow your wig to air dry on a wig stand, a towel, or hung on a hanger. DO NOT BRUSH OR STYLE THE WIG UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY.

Step 3: Once dry, our exclusive Effortless™ fiber will look and feel soft, silky and beautiful.

Step 4: Style as desired and go have fun.